Walker Build

Brand Positioning and SEO Copywriting

For most business owners, words just don’t come easily. They’re damn good at what they do, but putting it all down on paper is tough – and it takes time they don’t have. That was the case with WalkerBuild.

A serious case of writer’s block and a lack of time led to their website designer, Leah Hill Creative, suggesting a visit to Whistle Communications to get their website copy sorted once and for all.

After chatting to owner John and his wife Kate about the business and their aspirations, and after putting ourselves in the shoes of the customer, the ideas on how to position the WalkerBuild brand began to brew.

What followed was a new idea for the look of the site and carefully constructed phrasing to match – two elements that would suit the WalkerBuild way, and paint the picture of the WalkerBuild difference.

Taking our design cues from lifestyle magazines, which we knew WalkerBuild’s clients would be turning to for inspiration, we asked Leah if she could work her creative magic to present WalkerBuild as a builder who builds lifestyles as well as homes.

The results were beautiful, and WalkerBuild’s website definitely stands out amongst the crowd.

Note: no weasel words or overused fillers like ‘innovation’ were used in the making of this website.