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When creative meets smart, it's a copywriting match made in Google heaven

Whether you’re representing a government department, a not-for-profit or you have product or service to sell, you know potential customers/stakeholders will be turning to your website (or to Google) to decide whether or not they should trust you.

So when your words are sitting on a web page, they need to be well written, well structuredand well optimised.

Remember, you've got two targets for your website content: humans and search engines. Does your web content consider both? Is it answering questions, presenting clear solutions? Is it compelling your targets to take action?

If you're not ranking well in natural search results or if you've got plenty of visitors to your site, but they're clicking away within seconds, a website checkup is probably overdue.

Want help hitting the SEO sweet spot?

I specialise in balancing creative, valuable and relevant content with SEO smarts to ensure your website works for you - not against you.

After reviewing your site and your business objectives, there are a number of practical steps I can take to help you reach a position you're happy with over time. I can:

  • Research your customers' intentions (a.k.a conduct keyword research)

  • Optimise your website set up

  • Edit and optimise the copy on each of your existing website pages

  • Provide you with fresh, new Search Engine Optimised copy.

I can also put you in touch with (or liaise on your behalf with) trusted Google Adwords experts to help with your SEM (Search Engine Marketing).


Di has done various writing jobs for me over the years, and I’ve always found her very professional. She recently came up with a lot of fresh new ideas and words for our website and capability statement, which we now use all the time.

J Morgan, Director



I'm ready to improve my SEO results!