Priority Management Australia - Corporate Trainers

Communications Strategy & Copywriting

While nailing things live and in person, Priority Management Australia’s online presence was dragging them down.

First item on the action plan was Priority Management’s website. Sometimes a design revamp and a rewrite is all that’s needed, but in this case an entirely new website was needed to replace the old, which was terribly dated, buggy, and full of copy that just didn’t sit right with Australian audiences.

So, a whole new site was planned and written by yours truly and the copy deck was sent to the extremely talented (and supremely patient) team at Swish Design. Swish worked their magic and produced a site that will serve Priority Management well into the future.

Within weeks of launching, enquiries for both public and in-house training courses were coming in via the site, thick and fast. The site was doing its job, fostering trust in this 30 year old brand once more.

I’m over the moon for these guys. Next stop: social media and print collateral.