we specialise in wondering.
it's wonderful where that can lead.


You've no doubt heard it often enough: your brand and your content needs to be clear and compelling, so people will read on or keep listening.

I wonder, though, have you spent time thinking about your larger marketing vision? Have you thought about the emotions guiding your customers along their way to trusting you?

That place of wondering is where I spend days. It's how I help businesses dig deep beneath the surface to discover what their goals really are and how we can work together to bring them about.

Accompanying me on every journey are the following essentials:

•   Facts, not fiction; the truth of who your business is or who you want it to become
•  Lessons from consumer and social psychology masters
•  Copywriting and Communications survival skills to get us in and out of tight spots
• 1 8 years worth of knowledge, contacts, and experience gained in 'wonderland'


What I've been working on recently...


5 year STRATEGY document

“Working with Reservoir Network on the Sydney Poche Centre's 5 Year Strategy, Di was instrumental in shaping the final document. She applied great skill in ensuring the document was future focused while maintaining a strong narrative that captured past achievements.

brand strategy + copywriting

“The Strategy for my business was well researched and easy for me to implement - a major plus when you’re a one-woman show. Most importantly, though, her advice and copy has been spot on. I’ve had a significant boost in signups and my clients are now working for me in a way – they’ve become my travelling salespeople!"


brochure copywriting

“Di made this so easy. We knew what we wanted to say, we just couldn’t find the words.
Couldn’t be happier with the result – and the turnaround time.” 


whistle down the wind

If you’re contemplating your next communications task and want someone to help clear those hurdles, I’d love to hear from you. Send me an email or get in touch here.