Morsen - Medical Construction and Installation

REBRAND + SEO Copywriting + capability statement

In 2018, Morsen was not Morsen. There was an unwieldy name in place, along with a DIY logo and no online presence at all.

Seriously, these guys were like Jason Bourne - in a class of their own, but entirely off the grid.

At one point the team was doing business under three separate entities, and well, let’s just say it was all very confusing. The good news was Morsen’s services were still in demand because they were so highly respected in their field.

All they needed was a brand they could be proud of and some marketing collateral that reflected how professional they already were.

It was time.

Cue: new name, corporate identity (by Swish Design), Linkedin setup, some hardworking website copy that clarified their unique offering, and a slick new Capability Statement drawn from that very same copy. Morsen was ready to roll.

Being handy on the tools, Morsen took on the job of building their new website themselves (design shots only above).