The Process

The road to success is paved with a good brief and a solid process



We kick off our journey together with me taking some background information on your business and brand. This is all done via my briefing form, which I’ll send to you. You don’t need to fill this whole thing out on your own! I can go over it with you in a 30-60 minute phone or video conference call.

PR Process - Scoping & Proposal


Based on what you’ve told me and what I think you'll need, I’ll scope up your job. I’ll send you a proposal outlining your objectives, my deliverables, and the timeframes and pricing for the job. I'll also send across my terms and conditions.

PR Process - Consultation


We go over the project proposal on the phone to make sure all you’ve asked for has been included - and to ensure we're both on the same page. With the scope confirmed, I’ll send you a commencement invoice.


Booking In

Once my commencement invoice is paid, you will be booked in. I like to schedule work at least 14 days in advance.



Before I start to write, I gain an understanding of your business from the target market’s point of view. I can do the majority of this market research from my desk, but I might call you for another quick chat at this point. If you’re in the Sutherland Shire, you can come to my office or we can go for a coffee if you like!


Writing & editing

You'll receive a first draft, second draft and final draft. Proofreading is done on the final draft, so don't be alarmed if you spot a typo or two in the first draft. Additional rounds will be charged at an hourly rate and if the brief changes part way through, I’ll give you a variation.


Reviewing &
signing off

You'll need to set aside time to review and sign off the materials. For each draft, one to two weeks is ideal for keeping the project fresh in my mind. Once the work has been finalised, and the final invoice has been paid, I hand over the copyright to you and we all start off on our next adventure.



Let's Talk

If you're looking for an experienced copywriter who's willing to think deeply about your business, I'd be delighted to work with you.