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This particular job was one I completed before setting out on my own, however, I’ve set it down here as an example of what a pair of fresh eyes and an outsider’s perspective can do.

By the time I came to give the Sydney Poche Centre’s 5 Year Strategy a “bit of a proofread,” I already knew all about the work they did to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and I really admired their approach, which was respectful, collaborative, practical and effective. Reservoir Network had been working with Poche for a number of years.

I also knew that since the Centre had opened, they had achieved a great many things, including supporting hundreds of Indigenous students and delivering over 30,000 healthcare services in partnership with Aboriginal communities.

The draft 2016-2020 Healthy Kids. Healthy Teeth. Healthy Hearts Strategy was, in my opinion, holding back.

If Poche was to secure future funding and encourage donations, it was vital that they demonstrate their ability to make a difference.

I wanted to talk up their past achievements and lay out a clearer plan for the road ahead.

Being extremely busy people - and pretty humble ones - it was difficult to extract what we needed via email or phone, so off Steve and I went with a recorder. We interviewed Kylie Gwyne, Poche’s Director at the time, and simply starting asking where the Centre had helped and what they had done. Then we asked what was next, and that really got her talking!

At last, we had the right mix of ingredients for a document that would help the Poche Centre in their mission to help close the gap in life expectancy and achieve health equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Many hours of writing, editing and working with Marshall Arts Design followed, leading to end product we were all thrilled with.