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In the world of written communication, there is nothing safer or more sensible than calling in a fresh set of eyes to review your work before it goes to print or 'publish.'

How my editing helps

When you've been working on a document for days, weeks or months, it's hard to see the wood for the trees - especially when numerous people have helped bring the content together. My editing will ensure your work:

  • Stays on track. I'll make sure your key messages are clear, properly positioned and regularly interwoven throughout your document, so that the whole point of your writing comes across in the finished product.

  • Compels your readers, instead of putting them to sleep or baffling them. I'll prune your document of anything unnecessary, starting with convoluted explanations and meaningless fluff.

  • Avoids ambiguity. After all the effort you've put in, the last thing you want is for your words to be taken the wrong way. If there's a better way to say it - that avoids the possibility of confusion, anger or offence - I'll find it.

  • Maintains tone of voice. No matter who you're 'speaking' to, I'll make sure you're using the right tone of voice consistently.

How my proofreading helps

Proofreading is a very different beast to editing - less tiger more kitten, lightly yet purposefully stepping its way through your document.

When I'm proofreading your work, I'll be on the hunt for errors and inconsistencies in spelling, grammar, punctuation, language, and formatting. And when I'm through, your work will be:

  • Grammatically correct. No embarrassing homophone mix-ups, no strange possessives or ridiculously long sentences shall pass. I have a comma, a colon, and a semicolon - and I know how to use them. Sometimes, though, I'll break the rules if it suits your brand personality and tone of voice.

  • Consistent. Even if you don't have your own language style guide, I'll make sure your terminology is consistent, so your readers won't be distracted or confused.

  • Typo-free. Ah, the dreaded typo; nothing kills your credibility quicker. I will go where Spell-Check just can't - namely into the contextual meaning of your words and those ALL CAPS headlines.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Di to other businesses in need of a talented, creative and easy to work with copywriter. She showed initiative throughout our website revamp and captured our business offerings extremely well.

M. Halouvas, National Learning & Development Manager

Priority Management Australia



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