for those who are lost for words


A lot of small businesses are amazing at what they do, but they become lost for words when talking about themselves, their products or services.

Quite often they’re silent on even the most basic elements:

  • Clearly explaining what they offer

  • Presenting the benefits (not just features)

  • Conveying who they are and what makes their offering unique

I consider every business to be a brand — even if there’s only one person in it. And what do successful brands have in common? They understand their target market, they communicate their value to that market, and they consistently make their passion and purpose known.

How do they do it? With carefully chosen words.

Brands that have a clear voice, using copy that makes an emotional connection, will stand out every time. And that’s why I specialise in crafting copy that will express your brand personality and have an impact on whoever it is you’re trying to reach.

Whether you need website copy, blog articles, email campaigns or anything else wordy, you’ve come to the right place.

My most popular requests:

  • Website content

  • Blog / News articles

  • Social media profiles and posts

  • EDMs

  • Q&As / FAQs

  • Brochures

  • Fact sheets

  • Capability Statements

  • Case studies

But doesn't a picture paint a thousand words?

Fear not, I wholeheartedly agree. Design is equally important. Your words need to work with your visual identity. That's why I always take a holistic view and often work directly with other creatives (yours or mine) to make sure everything is on message.


Di's willingness and ability to really engage with her subject, combined with her technical writing skills and attention to detail, makes her a fantastic copywriter. With a PR background, she is also a creative thinker and will always bring an innovative and engaging approach to any subject. She's a total professional, who will always deliver on time and to brief.

Georgina Dorsett, Head of Customer & Stakeholder Engagement
Sydney Airport



My writing will be tailored to bring out your best across a range of CHANNELS. interested?