KEY MESSAGING, tagline + Editing

They say nothing’s built to last these days... They’ve obviously never met a Cookon. Honestly, you’d be hard pressed to find a team more intent on building products as sturdy and smart as Cookon’s, which is why this was another great project for me to get behind.

For almost 50 years, these guys have been hard at it, designing and manufacturing commercial cooking equipment that can really take the heat (pun intended). And yet, while Cookon’s reputation was still strong among Australia’s canniest chefs and restaurant owners, the Cookon brand had gone for a bit of a wander in the paddock – as many brands do when they’ve been around for such a long time.

Cookon engaged Gibsons to help get them back on track in a market that’s being infiltrated by cheap imitations from overseas. Gibsons’ Helen Morgan, in turn, called me in to help pinpoint what Cookon’s key messages ought to be for their disparate target audiences, and to help brainstorm a new tagline and some social media content ideas.

We needed messaging that would appeal not only to professional chefs and high-end restaurant owners, but also to cooks in fast food outlets, commercial equipment resellers – even plumbers.

With the key messaging down, some easy to digest, benefits-focused copy was next. This was served up in such a way that it could be repurposed by Gibsons for Cookon’s new website, Facebook advertising and other marketing collateral.

A new tagline was next. After brainstorming with the rest of the team, “Cookon and on, and on” was born.

With Cookon machines still out there cooking after 25 years, we knew that longevity message was the big one. In a commercial kitchen, where little mercy is shown, that kind of ongoing performance speaks volumes about the quality of Cookon’s all-Australian-made parts and materials — and about the people behind the brand.