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Can you tell me who your brand is and what it stands for?

What’s your number one promise to customers?

I don’t want to get too bogged down in theory here, but if you want your small business to accomplish big things, you need to get serious about your marketing.

And that means laying down a strong foundation for your brand, with a well thought out, clearly articulated brand strategy that your whole team can get behind and work with.

What is a brand strategy and how does it help?

A brand strategy sets the foundation for all of your future marketing activities. It puts down on paper all of the critical elements needed to build a brand that people will come to know and trust. These clear statements can be shared with your team to help guide their everyday actions, and with any creative suppliers that get involved with your branding along the way.

First step: the thinking behind the brand

We’ll get together and talk about a whole raft of things related to your brand and plans for branding. We’ll go over the history of your business and the vision you have for it. We’ll discuss your brand positioning in relation to your target audience and how you would like to be perceived by that audience.

We’ll talk about what your brand values. We’ll discuss if there’s anything different about your offering, and what you’re going to do operationally to get people talking about you.

Next step: the articulation of the brand

I’ll articulate the vision for the brand and its values. I’ll make recommendations on tone of voice and brand personality. And I’ll finish off by drafting one or two clear and engaging key messages and a brand story. These elements will help position you clearly in the market.

You can use your key messages when you’re talking to a new contact, and you should try to make sure they appear in some form or another in your marketing materials. Similarly, you can use the brand story on your website’s about page, social media bios, or where-ever else you fancy. If the strategy calls for it, I can also work up a tagline for you.

In short, your Brand Strategy will be one you can actually use; it won’t be just another pretty presentation that sits in a drawer.

Final step: the visualisation of the brand

Once those crucial elements are down on paper, I put the Brand Strategy to work by bringing my graphic designer into the tent. This talented human will soak up the Strategy and use it to work out the best colour palette, logo and fonts to support the vision and reflect the personality.

If you already have a logo and don’t want it to change too much, we can work with that, perhaps just giving it or the elements around it a little refresh.

Finally, your ugly duckling of a strategy becomes a swan. It will be presented to you looking as good as it sounds, and you can pass it around to your staff and any other creatives to use as a Brand Guide for brand building from this point on.

Optional extras: your tailor-made content strategy

So you’ve got a rock solid brand strategy. Putting the strategy into action is next of course, but that can be quite overwhelming, as I’m sure you’re already aware. What actions are you going to take first? What tactics are you going to use? What materials will you need? Which channels? What resources?

I’ve been developing and implementing marketing communications plans and coming up with content for almost 20 years now, so I know what works and what doesn’t. Running a small business of my own means I also know how to create a plan that won’t overwhelm you or your budget.


Di directed our company rebrand from the ground up, making a daunting process simple and straightforward. Her ideas were invaluable, as was the level of care and education she gave on brand and branding. We came to recognise Di as a word magician too. She consistently took our thoughts and ran with them, producing professional and engaging content that suited us and supported our goals.

Greg Chambers
Strategy & Development
JN (Engineering Consultants)



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