brand strategy and management

Let's talk about establishing, building and safeguarding your brand - your reputation.

As a rule, 'public relations' is a misunderstood and misused term, but I still vouch for it as  an essential management function. We survive in business, after all, thanks to the good graces of our publics. We thrive when our initial targets become our advocates.

Many equate public relations with 'spin', others confuse it with advertising or marketing promotions. Some say digital marketing has rendered public relations irrelevant...

Not me. I know that true public relations means performance plus recognition. It's the cycle of doing (or creating) good things, operating ethically, communicating effectively, and being sensitive and responsive to needs and aspirations. 

It's earning, cultivating and safeguarding trust, which is crucial for the survival of every organisation. And it all starts with a well thought out business plan and a succinct Brand Strategy.

But enough with the theory. If you're willing to take a long-term, strategic view of your brand, I'd be happy to jump in your corner.

Here's what I can assist with:

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Brand Strategy

  • Visual Brand Identity

  • Content Planning and Development

  • Brand Management

  • Key messaging

  • Q&As / FAQs (Internal or External Questions & Answers)

  • Media releases

  • Media holding statements

I work with a variety of specialists for a complete end-to-end service. This team includes one of Australia's most respected strategic marketing consultants for market research, segmenting, targeting and positioning. It also includes graphic designers, web designers, photographers, video producers, Google Adwords specialists, digital marketers, media trainers, and media monitoring services.