ARCH Artifex - Engineering & Project Management


The guys from ARCH Artifex and I go back a long way. Our friendship was forged in the fire of a major transport infrastructure boom for Sydney, and it’s still going strong.

ARCH needed the right words for their website - and they needed help actually getting a website, fast!

With Twice as Eager on website design and me on copy duty for Linkedin and the website, an online presence was built in record time. Chuffed with the result, ARCH asked me help manage their Linkedin account and edit their communications materials from time to time, so that’s how we now roll.

In early 2019, ARCH Services announced its merger with another bunch of old pals - Artifex Group. The announcement meant weighing in on their choice of new logo and tagline, updates prepared for both websites, a letter to clients, a new Capability Statement, a Q&A for staff, and of course the big announcement and necessary changes being made on Linkedin.

While some organisations might take 6 to 12 months to rebrand, these guys wanted everything done in under a month. I’m pleased to report all went off without a hitch.