I specialise in wondering.



As a brand strategist and copywriter rolled into one, I believe in going slow to go fast; letting wonder lead me to wisdom.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a copywriter (aka wordsmith), you've no doubt read more than once that your copy or ‘content’ needs to be clear, concise, compelling and error-free.

I can help you with that, certainly. But I wonder if you want more…

I wonder if you’ve spent time thinking about your larger marketing vision, or about the emotions your customers will be wrestling with as they work out whether to trust what you’re telling them.

Are you giving off the right vibes? Are you saying all you need to? I wonder what it’s going to take to win hearts as well as minds.

That place of wondering is where I spend days.

It's how I help people nut out: what their goals really are, what the core message needs to be, who they're trying to connect with, and how best to speak to those people, so they take in and trust what you’re saying.

Accompanying me on every quest for the right vehicle, the right words, and the right tone, are the following essentials:

  • Facts, not fiction; the truth of who your business or organisation is, or who you want it to become

  • Lessons from consumer and social psychology masters

  • Copywriting and public relations survival skills

  • 19 years worth of knowledge and experience gained in 'wonderland'.


STRATEGY + COPYWRITING = client appreciation

POCHE CENTRE - indigenous health

“Working with Reservoir on the Sydney Poche Centre's 5 Year Strategy, Di was instrumental in shaping the final document. She applied great skill in ensuring it was future focused while maintaining a strong narrative that captured past achievements.

- Steve R. Reservoir Network

UNSW Global
key messaging + copywriting

Di's interpretation of briefs is highly perceptive; she asks all the right questions to unpick core issues and delivers effectively and intuitively at the first draft stage. Working with her was easy and fun.”

- Helen M. 9 Strategic

SEO copywriting + Rebrand

“Di picked up on the fact that our branding was a problem for us - it was attracting the wrong type of customer. A whole new look and a website that speaks to the right market followed and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

- Rohan L. A’besco



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